Thursday, June 7, 2012


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Picnics are the awesomest thing ever, but they are usually relegated to the warmer months. Here in Australia, though, it never gets too cold (although this Winter is shaping up to be a real killer), so I don't see why the picnics can't continue. In fact, I think they can be made even more fun and way more romantic, with plenty of blankets, cushions, cuddling and hot chocolate. If it rains, fort up! Maybe use some tarp or plastic sheeting over the blankets to waterproof?

winter picnic essentials

one || Hurricane Candle Warmer Lantern // for cold nights you're going to need to keep warm, and a fire isn't really an option most of the time, unless you are in an actual wood or something. But that sounds scary, I never venture very far for my picnics. Most of the time Rob and I have picnics in the park either across from his house, or up the street a little. Sometimes, if we're feeling adventurous, we'll venture down to the wharf. 

two || Organic Cotton Knit Blanket // the best thing about Winter picnics is the opportunity to snuggle up together under a warm knit blanket. 

three || Isabela Picnic Basket // I love my basket, but there are plenty of other cute ones around the interwebs. I think that a picnic basket is a great thing to invest in, since you can pretty much keep it forever. 

fo||ur || God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins // picnics don't just have to be about eating, they can be for reading as well! Rob and I are both outspoken atheists and we like to read up on our atheist literature. 

five || Picnic Blanket // a proper picnic blanket is especially important for a Winter picnic, because   they have a plasticky side, in case the ground is wet. 

six || Grey Thermos // it's Winter, and you'll probably want to eat warm things, so a thermos is your best friend. Have one for soup and one for hot chocolate. 

seven || UGG boots // yes, I know they're ugly, but they are so freaking warm. I am planning on getting a pair on sale tomorrow, but I don't think I would pay full price for UGG boots, they're usually more expensive than other brand boots of the same (or better) quality. They're basically asking you to pay a premium on ugly.

eight || Donna Wilson Cloud Cushion // to add to the warm, cuddly atmosphere, bring along some cushions and pillows to sit on. 

nine || Mason Jars // for everything - holding tea light candles; drinking hot chocolate out of; or collecting flowers or leaves. 

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What to eat at your Winter picnic ||

❄ Cheese: brie, brie, brie. Brie is the most deliciousest thing in the world. Other cheeses are good too: Camembert, Stilton, Chevre... Summer or Winter, your picnic must have cheese. Unless you are lactose intolerant, or a vegan. But if you just don't like cheese, then you're dead to me.

❄ Crusty bread: baguette or sourdough, you must have crusty bread for your delicious creamy cheese. Crap, I really want cheese right now. Other things to have with your bread: home-made pesto, guacamole, or jam and butter.

❄ Soup: to warm you up. For a Summer picnic I would recommend watermelon, but a Winter picnic needs soup. Pumpkin, spinach, or my favourite, leek.

❄ Berries: you'll probably want some fresh fruit to cut through all that creamy, rich stuff above. Berries are the most wintery of fruits. They're also pretty, delicious and will go well with your...

❄ Hot chocolate: the first thing that comes to mind when I think Winter picnic. Buy or make hot chocolate kits in jars (which also make awesome gifts) and bring boiling water in a thermos.

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If you are in the southern hemisphere right now, or live in a particularly chilly area in the northern hemisphere, then I wish you many lovely cold-weather picnics to come.


  1. Wow I am in love with your blog, can't wait to see future posts :D
    Totally agree, the weather here is never too cold to picnic!
    You've inspired me to have a picnic sometime... soon. ish.

  2. Finders Keepers is always amazing but I can't stretch my student budget as to actually buying anything from there, haha :( I'll have to admit, when I first clicked on your blog to reply to your comment, your header won me over. Totoro, Frankie, penguin books and moleskin diaries.. it's just pure awesomeness. Picnics are awesome! I've only been on one that was outside of a school event, I wish they were more appreciated! Winter is insane this year, it's already hitting below the 8* mark! Your picnic essentials is such a given, and such cute pieces too, especially that candle lantern! Definately, cheese boards on picnics are a must. Some lovely sourdough bread to dunk into pumpkin soup or so.. I'm salivating just thinking about it, haha! Hope you're staying warm!

    1. Haha, if you love all those things then I crown thee an honourary Chipster! It doesn't matter if you aren't Chinese, Asian appearance is adequate to earn the title.

  3. okay, this post is beyond adorable! and why am i just now finding your blog? obsessed! i want everything on this list! now if only picnic's could always be this glamorous!!
    xo TJ

  4. oh my goodness. this is such a lovely and saccharine sweet post. i really feel like having a winter picnic now!!! but sadly, i live in singapore where picnics (i really love them and i had already organised 2 for my friends' birthdays) would make all of us covered in sticky sweat... really can't wait to try this out in Newcastle, UK where i'm moving to soon! hopefully i won't freeze or something either.

    following you on GFC, would love it if you could follow me as well, since i am also (almost) a chipster (minus the rubik's cube part in your description) ;) xx

  5. Such a fantastic post, I'm going to link this post in my weekly Monday 'start your week off with..' feature. Glad to have come across your blog!


  6. I loved reading this post, thanks for the picnic-wisdom! I don't usually have any of those classic, proper picnics - it's usually more of a bring-food-let's-sit-on-the-grass type of thing, I feel like a picnic blanket and basket would make it more official.

  7. Winter picnic ! With all the essentials- it would be perfect ! Hope that i could go for a winter picnic after my exams. And yes, Hot chocolate is one of the best drinks to have in winter. I love going city just to grab one Starbucks hot chocolate to keep myself warm. Keep warm during winter ! :) x

    Followed ! Why haven't i thought of the term "chipster" before ?!

  8. Picnic <3 and it seems
    the bugs love picnics as
    well, which is a bummer..

    Oh yeah, build up that
    fort c: thanks for
    sharing your picks &
    the lovely photo's!


  9. what a cute idea! laaavley photos xx

  10. I LOVE THIS POST. Gosh, I love picknicks so much. And you made me just more excited to do one. But it's raining really hard this week, meh. Even though, the post is adorable and I really want to have a pair of those mason jars, they seem cool.

  11. I love your banner and I spot totoro! I love totoro, so cute!